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St. Patrick’s,
Fort Augustus

Weekend Mass:
Sunday: 9:00 am

Thursday: 8:30-9:00am

Weekday Masses:
Tuesday: 9:00 am
Thursday: 9:00 am
2nd Wednesday of the Month: 7.00 pm

Divine Mercy Prayer:
2nd Tuesday of the Month: 7.30 pm

32 Father Brady Lane
Fort Augustus, PE

St. Andrew’s,
Mount Stewart

Weekend Mass:
Sunday Vigil (Saturday): 4:00 pm

Saturday: 5:00-5:30pm

Weekday Masses:
Tuesday: 10:00 am
Thursday: 10:00 am

35 Main Street
Mount Stewart, PE

St. Cuthbert’s,
St. Teresa

Weekend Mass:
Sunday: 10:30 am

Saturday: 8:30-9:00 am

Weekday Masses:
Monday: 9:00am
Wednesday: 9:00 am
Friday: 9:00 am
Saturday: 9:00 am

Divine Mercy Prayer:
Every Friday: 8:45 am

2998 Mount Stewart Road
St. Teresa, PE


We are delighted to have you join our parish family.

At PARISH we know that we are all individual parts of the mystical Body of Christ.  Working together, we find great joy in doing God’s work here on earth.  We invite and encourage you to join us as we pray, work and play together.

If there is anything We can do to help you in your journey to grow closer to God, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our parish is proud to offer many opportunities for parishioners to come together in faith.  However, if there is a personal or family need that requires individual attention, know that our parish staff is always here to assist you.

We pray that you may find warmth and happiness in our parish and We look forward to getting to know you personally in the weeks and months ahead.  God bless you and your family.

Mission Statement

We The parishioners of 3 Saints Parishes are a community of believers called to live,  teach, and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  With Mary as a model of faith, we drive to become reflection of Christ

Fr. Augustine Ignasimuthu

Phone: 902-583-2095
Email: itaugustine@gmail.com

Mailing Address:
St. Cuthbert’s
2998 Mt. Stewart Road
Mount Stewart, PE
C0A 1T0

All Christians are called to service in the community of faith.